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Yves Devin
Groupe GCD Inc.
" Claude’s unparalleled approach reconciled me with organizational psychology. She magnify individuals’ talents, always communicate delicate information in a constructive manner and provide solutions that are simple and yet dramatically efficient. "

Charles Benoit
President, Television & Radio, Quebec
Bell Media
" It’s great to work with a firm that understands so accurately our organisation…it’s like she knows us from within, which adds a lot to the pertinence of the advice she provides. "

Michel Dagenais
Former-Senior Vice-President HR
" With her, no complaisance or compromise on objectivity… Claude is highly reliable and straightforward and this is why I continue doing business with her over the years. "

_nobody does it like we do

_the perspective signature

perspective is the expression of a signature. Organizations that deal with perspective are assured of one and only one signature. It can be recognised through its approach which is oriented towards development and personalised service, as well as focused on providing integrated and efficient solutions.

_an unparalleled approach

With perspective, you will live a positive, unique and even decisive experience. perspective conceived an approach based on three powerful leverages that encourages people to surpass themselves: Talent deployment, objectivity and constructive solutions.

Talent deployment. Every intervention is driven by the same fundamental conviction : everybody can contribute through his unique potential. We help you identify and magnify the talents of all of your organizations’ collaborators.

Objectivity. Thoughout our interventions, observations as well as recommendations are non-judgemental. Our unique concern? Pertinence and efficiency of the solution we provide you. This concrete and constructive approach is a powerful leverage for the organisation’s development.

Constructive solutions. perspective proposes solutions that make personal and organisational interests converge. Our win-win approach is focused on problem solving, where stakes are seen as challenges and obstacles as development opportunities.

_personalized services

perspective proposes a made-to-measure approach that fits your business reality. Our primary concern is to deeply understand your organization’s personality. We take the time to make sure we really get your organization’s values, objectives and challenges and integrate them into the solution we provide.

Our projects are anchored on a solid knowledge of the unique context and the culture of your company, and our advices, accurate and pertinent, reflect them. We adapt solutions to your business needs, which in return facilitates their implementation. This is what explains a great part of the efficiency of our interventions …and your success.

_efficient and integrated solutions

perspective clients are unanimous : the solutions we provide are efficient, ingenious and profitable. And needless to say, deadlines and commitments are respected.

perspective never hesitates to propose out-of-the-box solutions that combine best practices as well as our client organization’s needs and constraints. This mix helps attain optimal, concrete and sustainable results. Our solutions are also rigorous and easy to implement, which ensures a better buy-in, and success.

In a nutshell, perspective aims at becoming an accomplice of your success by fostering a genuine partnership with its clientele.

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