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Daniel Lamarre
Cirque du Soleil
" I’m a very demanding person. I want collaborators that are available, rigorous, as well as creative and out-of-the-box thinkers; Needless to say that if, above all, they have exceptional interpersonal skills, it’s even more satisfying! "

Paul Wotton
President & CEO
Ocata Therapeutics
" Claude is professional, customer focused, and always proactive. This is why we put our trust in her. Claude is a key resource for us. She guides us in implementing leading edge HR strategies and practices. "

Michel Lavigne, FCA
Corporate Director
" Debriefings were always very well prepared… a reflect of great professionalism, as well as dignity and respect for candidates and our organization. Claude has establish a reputation of top level integrity, reliability and professionalism. "


Claude Gaudreault, M.Ps.
President & Founder
Industrial & Organizational Psychologist

Claude Gaudreault is an expert in strategic coaching as well as in the assessment of senior managers. Claude is known for her outstanding ability to combine her organizational psychology expertise with her solid knowledge of today’s business world and her experience in management.

Based on her many years of research and practice, Mrs. Gaudreault’s approach to coaching engagements pairs a solid understanding of the needs of the sponsoring organization with a focus on the optimization of the client’s potential as a contributor.

Claude Gaudreault is recognized for her capacity to grasp the organizational and personal stakes in each engagement. She excels at providing judicious advice while allowing her clients to maximize their personal capacity to design and implement their own interventions.

Adapted to the needs of today’s business world, Claude’s coaching has been acknowledged by the numerous senior executives she has coached; they have achieved success and demonstrated their satisfaction by repeatedly approaching her for her strategic insight and coaching expertise.

Mrs. Gaudreault is a frequent speaker on Leadership, Potential assessement and High-Achieving Managers for organizations including the Association des MBA du Québec, the Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain, l'Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines et en relations industrielles agréés du Québec, and the Université de Montréal. She has also been a Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour at École des Haute Études Commerciales. As a recognized authority in the field, she has given numerous Human Resource Management topic interviews on television channels like TVA, RDI and Canal Vie, and has contributed to magazine articles in Les affaires, PME, Premières en affaires and Premiers en affaires.

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