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Madeleine Roy
Integration and Strategy, Executive Life Cycle Management
National Bank of Canada
" The way she taps on our strengths instead of focusing on our weaknesses is without any doubt the most powerful approach I’ve ever experimented. "

Robert Racine
Partner - Kenniff & Racine
" Claude stands out by her devotion, loyalty, integrity as well as her professionalism. And it’s the same for how she takes good care of clients, her availability and the advice she provide to people who turns to Perspective services. "

career transition coaching_ time to take stock !

In today’s changing environment, managers are often forced to make career changes during their active life. These career transitions are important turning points in an individual’s life.

Career transition coaching is a service that is there to assist people in this period of change. It is entirely adapted to the individual, offering the advice and support he or she needs at this point in time. The career transition coaching is a way for you to show recognition to your employees.

_how we do it

The focus of our intervention is the person itself. We provide all the support and professional advice the person needs to go through a professional change, and make the best out of it. To do so, career transition coaching starts by a rigorous and objective elaboration of the person’s profile, to get a deep understanding of the person’s reality.

The professional also provides highly personalised advice, adapted to the person’s situation and expectations. He also transfers the crucial know-how, the essentials to optimise this career transition. We make sure that individuals get performing and personalised tools in order to find the job and environment that fit them well.

_targeted results
accept the new reality
take stock of your achievements and assets
make an efficient resume
find hidden job opportunities
get interviews
learn how to market yourself

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