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James Little
Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer
Shaw communications
" At the outset I was sceptical about how much value Claude could add, but after some years of coaching and mentoring, the progress has been remarkable. I’ve received very relevant and practical advice and counsel.  In fact, today, thanks to Claude, I am not only a more effective leader, I am a more self-aware person. "

Yves Devin
Groupe GCD Inc.
" Every coaching has been a stunning success… managers’ improvement were noticed and acknowledged by their business collaborators. "

Serge Demeule
Former-VP Production & Development
IMS Health
" Thanks to the coaching, I’ve significantly improved my communication and leadership skills … I’ve even recently been identified as a role model for the efficiency of my interpersonal skills…more than I could ever expect! "

coaching_learn to play your trumps

perspective uses a “hand in hand” personalized approach when it comes to the development of management skills: coaching. The objective: prepare managers for more encompassing challenges. This service is for people that want to increase their management skills, in a business context that is more and more complex and demanding.

_how we do it

perspective’s approach taps essentially on the coachee’s innate talents. This personalised and constructive process starts by an objective assessment of the coachee, in order to better know the coachee’s leverages and dynamic and enhance the coaching efficiency. It allows us to provide the coachee with made-to-measure advice and practical tips in order to rapidly get tangible results.

The coaching process is concieved to foster professional development, so the coachee can become more successful when facing work challenges; it provokes significant changes, that contribute to the coachee’s efficiency.

An array or coaching packages are available, depending on the person’s unique needs :
executive coaching (strategic, exclusively for high tier managers)
management coaching (definite objectives, advice to solve delicate situations)

_targeted results
enhance performance
develop leadership
fine tune political skills
manage change
channel stress
understand organisational issues
prevent conflicts
communicate efficiently
take action strategically
mobilise a team

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