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Luc Labelle
President and Chief Executive Officer
Chambre Sécurité Financière
" With the help and guidance of Mrs Gaudreault, President of Perspective, our management team produced, in a highly effective way, an annual plan of action which had the buy-in of everyone. "

Claude Benoît
Former-President & CEO
Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal
" Claude gave me precious advice that allow me to better understand the compatibility with and between collaborators. Claude’s contribution goes beyond the basic diagnosis, by mapping the team’s interpersonal dynamic which is very useful for teambuilding purposes. "

Richard Cacchione
Hydro-Québec Production
" Because of the adaptability of her approach, Mrs Gaudreault, President of Perspective, while guiding us in a strategic team reflection, succeeded at creating a setting that enabled straightforward and constructive discussions. "

teambuilding_ harmonize talents

Team efficiency is the basis of organisational success. Claude Gaudreault developed a systematic and personalised approach in order to harmonise individual contributions with collective efforts.

_how we do it

Efficiency Diagnosis
Through questionnaires and in-depth interviews, we assess objectively the team’s assets as well as identify aspects needing improvement, in order to better channel every collaborator’s efforts.

Team profile
We assess the potential contribution of every team member; we then draw a global portrait of the team and tap on individual talents and potential in order to optimise the overall team efficiency.

Team efficiency optimisation
Team members are guided to elaborate their own action plan in order to improve their team’s efficiency. Our professional guidance orients reflections and creates a dynamic that fosters teamwork and concrete results. This participative method optimises everyone’s buy-in, while giving them the opportunity to experiment constructive teamwork, easy to transpose in their daily reality.

_targeted results
better use of individual contributions towards a common goal
improve team performance
develop team spirit
optimise team’s design

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