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Yves Lamontagne, M.D.
Former-President & CEO
College of physicians of Quebec
" Her services were highly appreciated by all of our executive team members, who had the opportunity to receive Claude’s professional feedback and coaching. "

Robert Racine
Partner - Kenniff & Racine
" We turn to Claude for the quality of relationships she establish with her clients, but also for the accuracy of her analysis. "

Charles Benoit
President, Television & Radio, Quebec
Bell Media
" Claude always provides an accurate portrait of the assessed individuals. It guides us to make better management decisions. It’s also a very useful tool to guide future development of our organisation’s key managers. "

perspective profile_potential assessment

More and more organisations need to improve their efficiency when they want to find the right person for strategic positions. To help them in that purpose, perspective has conceived a unique approach, based on a rigorous selection of specialised tests and an in-depth interview, which draws the personalised profile of the evaluated person.

The perspective profile is different from usual potential assessments. It is an interpretation of results that describes the unique dynamic of the individual, instead of simply positioning the results in regard of definite criteria. It brings a new and constructive perspective. It guides decision-makers in various situations: selection, professional development, career management, teambuilding, due diligence, etc.

_how we do it

The perspective profile is an objective assessment of an individual’s potential. Results of the tests and the interview are interpreted by our psychologists, in light of your organisational needs and stakes. It is a non judgmental interpretation, and the results are presented in a descriptive way.

The perspective profile provides clear recommendations, identifying aspects to tap on, as well as aspects that could require for closer attention. The professional and constructive advice we deliver from such a service makes it really useful for your organisation.

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find the right person for a particular position
identify high potential
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