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Julien Houle
Former-Vice-President Human Resources
Groupe Transcontinental

" I’ve been doing business with Claude Gaudreault, president of Perspective, since the mid-90s. My loyalty is due to Claude’s high professional standards, where there is no compromise on either quality or integrity. "

Russell Goodman
Former-Managing Partner
" Claude has gained our trust because we share common values: customers service by means of leading-edge advice and high quality standards. She provides our Partners with training and coaching that has been very valuable to our firm's success. "

Serge Demeule
Former-Vice-President Production & Development
IMS Health
" I have benefited of Claude’s coaching since the mid-90s… it has become an essential part of my professional success. "

_perspective little story

Once upon a time…

… a work psychologist, while working for more than twelve years in several consulting firms, was validating convictions and in the process, was nurturing a dream, a vision: every individual is gifted with potential that is waiting to be developed and put to contribution.

In 1996, Claude Gaudreault’s dream comes true, when she founded perspective. Based on a constructive and personalized approach, her interventions are fine tuned and offer top of the line quality service to her clients, while developing a long term partnership with them.

And perspective grows. More and more loyal clients, more and more collaborators, all driven by the same dream and convictions. In 2005, perspective expands by moving into more spacious offices, in order to face the increasing demand, service more clients at a time, and get ready to leap into its second decade.

Claude Gaudreault carries on her dream with her team of qualified professionals. She serves a constantly growing number of organizations and individuals, by providing them best practices, avant-garde, and made to measure solutions. At present, her team and her share the same convictions, building a solid partnership with every client, in order to be partner in crime of their success.

Since 2011, Claude Gaudreault reorganize her services in concentrating her professional activities in strategic executive coaching in order to capitalize on her solid expertise.
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