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Yves Devin
Société de transport de Montréal
" Perspective’s unparalleled approach reconciled me with organizational psychology. They magnify individuals’ talents, always communicate delicate information in a constructive manner and provide solutions that are simple and yet dramatically efficient. "

Charles Benoit
Executive Vice-President
Astral Media Radio
" It’s great to work with a firm that understands so accurately our organisation…it’s like they know us from within, which adds a lot to the pertinence of the advice they provide. "

Michel Dagenais
Senior Vice-President Human Resources
" Professionalism and integrity are the basic ingredients that made us develop a solid trust relationship with the Perspective team. With them, no complaisance nor compromise on objectivity… they are highly reliable and straightforward and this is why I continue doing business with them over the years. "

_about potential assessment

Here is some useful information, based on the questions that are most frequently asked by people who are getting prepared for a potential assessment.

What is a potential assessment?

• It describes, in an objective way, how a person tends to act in the workplace.

• It can be used in different contexts such as selection, promotion, professional
  development, coaching, career management, professional transition, team building, etc.

• It requires that the candidate completes a battery of tests and meets with an
  assessment professional (if required).

• It does not require any particular preparation, just to be rested and available
  for the assessment session.

• The required time to complete your assessment session will be specified
  when you will schedule your appointment.

• When you will arrive at perspective, a technician will explain the plan of
  your session. This person will also be available to assist you if needed.