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Stéphane Breault
" We turned to Perspective to elaborate a made-to-measure profile with the purpose to better select our future franchisees…an easy-to-use and very useful profile. "

Sylvie Mongeau
Vice-President Human Capital
Nova Bus
" Perspective professionals master the science of potential assessment. Most of all, their added value resides in their ability to size-up unsuspected aspects of the person, which gives a better understanding of the person’s unique dynamic. "

Reneault Poliquin
VP Sales & Marketing
Pixman Média Nomade
Ex VP Sales & Marketing
Groupe TVA
" Perspective is an exceptional complement to any selection process, when you need to validate some key criteria. They become the useful partner that is always there to guide you into making the right choices. "

profile by competency_a targeted measure

The profile by competency provides an assessment report that is based on the competencies identified by your organisation. Questionnaires and interview are interpreted by a perspective organisational psychologist according to your concerns and needs.

In a nutshell, you get an accurate and objective portrait of the assessed individual, according to the criteria you want. So it answers directly and exclusively to your specific expectations.

_targeted results
obtain a rigorous and objective measurement
measure specific competencies
compare candidates to one and others
assess a large number of people

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