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Paul Lirette
Senior Vice-President & area head for Central Europe
Glaxo Smith Kline
" They have succeeded at developing trust relationships with several managers and by the same token, facilitated the development of their management skills, improved their performance and became more strategic and efficient in the actual business world, filled with major changes and stress. "

Madeleine Roy
Vice-President Consulting Services
" The way they tap on our strengths instead of focusing on our weaknesses is without any doubt the most powerful approach I’ve ever experimented. "

Serge Demeule
Vice-President Production & Development
IMS Health
" Most of all, the approach that underlies the coaching helps me to tap on my strengths, which lead me to more than professional success… the coaching has very positive impacts on a personal level as well. "

development plan_ easy-to-use guide to surpass yourself

The development plan simplifies professional development. Based on best practices, it contains practical, judicious and accessible advice on how to develop competencies.

On the basis of the objectives you set, we provide recommendations to improve your employees’ performance in their actual or future functions.

The development plan is a ready-to-use product:
1. we elaborate the plan according to the objectives you have set and want to achieve
2. we make sure that the person understands it well and is empowered in carrying it out
3. we work with the superior in order to facilitate the plan’s implementation

_targeted results
improve work performance
perfect management skills
favour a better integration to new functions
prepare successors
get ready for new or bigger challenges

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