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Ann McNamara
VP HR & Industrial relations
Astral Media Radio
" We turned to Perspective to assess our top management potential, for hiring, promoting and developing the potential of key people identified in our succession plan, for individual coaching as well as teambuilding. "

Paul Wotton
President & CEO
Antares Pharma
" Elegant simplicity…here’s what we get from Perspective: judicious advice that helps us to achieve our goals smoothly and efficiently. "

Reneault Poliquin
Senior V-P Marketing services & 360° solutions
Transcontinental Media
" Even more important, Perspective is a very good ally when it comes to strategic development that requires identifying and developing the succession, which is a crucial aspect of the long term growth of your organisation. "

succession profile_ prepare the future

Succession profile is a great tool to identify potential successors. It measures ten key competencies, shown as being crucial to be successful in a management position. Conceived by our team of experts, succession profile is the result of many years of experience and research.

This tool will allow you to get a clear overview of your succession pool. It will also provide you helpful indications on the most profitable development investments for your organisation. It adds objectivity to any succession planning process, whether you already have an established program or not.

_targeted results
Identify throughout your team :
high potential individuals
people that are most likely to succeed in a management position
individuals who could benefit from getting some support to develop their management skills

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