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Ann McNamara
VP HR & Industrial relations
Astral Media Radio
" They succeeded at grasping our organisational culture as well as our short, mid and long term stakes with such accuracy that it allowed them to provide us with judicious advice throughout the past years. "

Eric Myles
General Manager
Québec en Forme
" Québec en Forme still continues to regularly refer to Perspective's high value guidance for development purposes. There is no doubt about it...Perspective has contributed to the success of our organisation. Perspective: a precious added-value partner! "

training_ access to best practices

perspective’s team of experts in industrial and organizational psychology conceives tailored training sessions for organisations. Leveraging their vast experience and their keen ability to understand your particular organisational needs, our professionals elaborate and lead training sessions related to various aspects of management. They have offered several trainings, specifically adapted to organisations’ needs, such as:

• optimal time management
• basics in management
• efficient delegation
• the art of constructive feedback
• how to manage performance
• better manage your stress
• conflict management
• develop your creativity
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